went to work last night and came out this morning and central locking not working went back into shop and bought new battery opened up fob to put new one in and like most peeps holder broken solder no probs plenty cardboard about so packed in place put fob back together and got flashing red light but still wont do doors remotely...tried resyncing with ignition on 2 and pressing the buttons on fob but nothing..notice when pressing open button it flashes once and close button flashes continuosly??? all doors open an close with key..what does the fob talk to to open the doors is it the box in the kick panel ....if i swap this with another 1 with fob will that work the doors
on a lighter note managed to get me horn working it was a duff squib managed to get another 1 with steering wheel controls for stereo so just got c/l to fix now and all done for time being lol