Hi guys,

Lately there has been a strange high pitched noise when coasting up to lights (from 40-0 mph). I had a fiddle with the brakes and they are fine and there is nothing rubbing whatsoever.

As today was quite nice (and after the lunchtime football match), i had a quick eyeball under the car. Ive had a strange feeling the high pitched noise and the odd clunky noise that has now started to appear are from there!

I noticed that there seems to be some play with the passenger side CV joint. I can move it maybe a good 5-10mm out of the gearbox and back in! Could this also be related to my 'wet' gearbox? I only recently noticed this but cannot find anything leaking from anywhere!

I havent really had much dealings with CV joints before, so took a couple of (not particularly well focused) snaps!

Sorry for the picture quality, it was abit tight under there!

Passenger Side CV -

Drivers Side Inner CV -

'Wet' gearbox -

Any tips on fixing/what to look for or potential costs greatly welcomed!