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Thread: Finally got my astra lowered!

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    Finally got my astra lowered!

    Finally spent a bit of money and got a whole new suspension for the astra. I was gonna go for the jamex shocks and springs but then I saw a few people having problems with them so I ended up paying a bit more and going for the eibach springs -30mm all round and the bilstein b4 shocks all round. I'm not looking for a racing car so I thought this would be a good all rounder for better handling without sacrificing too much comfort.

    Heres some pics, they aren't very good but never mind:


    And after:

    I've taken it for a 'spirited' drive and it handles so much better. My old shocks were very soft (A few of you might have seen lol).

    All in all very happy! Need some turbo alloys now
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    Looks very nice lowered, all red mk4's do, some decent alloys now and it will looks great
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