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Thread: new cd player for GSI.

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    new cd player for GSI.

    hello. my CDR 500 is making a horrible noise every time i turn the ignition on. it still works but i want to upgrade anyway.

    i was wondering if somebody could reccomend me some current cd players.

    ive heard this model mentioned - KDC-BT8044U

    i dont really have a limit but obviously dont want to spend a fortune. and i need it to work with my steering wheel controls and MFD if possible

    Arden Blue Astra GSi

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    The BT8044U will sort you out in all respects. You should have no hassle getting track names etc on your MFD, so long as its the basic TID one. You just need this adaptor PC99-KEN-DIS.
    I'm running the model below, W7544U but with the bluetooth box BT200, which basically gives me the same functionality as the BT8044U. Interestingly enough though, the BT8044U will only have blue illumination, whereas the W7544U can choose from a whole multitude of colours. Thus fitting in with the standard orange lights all over the dash is no problem.

    The software that comes with is pretty good at setting up playlists and stuff for your tunes. Do bear in mind you won't be able to power a USB hard drive, simply not enough amps supplied on the USB cable. A nice big USB flash stick is fine though. A 32GB stick cost me £50 and I've 5500 of mostly ~200Kbps AAC and some MP3 files on there, 421 hours with still 2.5GB space left.

    Interface is OK, not great though. Going through all the options and settings can be bit mad; there's no consistency as to how they're set:- left/right menu, single click on/off, or long hold click to enter option etc... I mostly just listen to my playlists on random. Steering control skip tracks, up/down on right knob flips between playlists.

    Sound quality is good. No complaints, with many of the DSP options actually making a reasonable improvement. High bitrate AAC files on the Kenwood sound better than CD's on the CDR500, says it all really.
    Hands free phone works well. However don't place the mic behind the steering wheel, you'll sound like you'in a tin can, your voice just bounces around too much in the dash. Better to stick it near rear view mirror. Its easy enough to route over top of speedo, push it under A-pillar trim and under roof lining, then clip on above rear view mirror. You'll sound much clearer, callers will even hear thos in back seats talking normally! You also won't pick up wind noise from an open window there.
    Dialing out can be phaff though, the menus for browsing you're phone directory and recent call logs (it downloads it all from phone on hook up) are a bit lame. The voice tagging, is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it works well, other times its got no idea whose name you're shouting.

    For the price, it's a bargain, you're getting a lot of functionality for you money. The steering/display is always reasonably priced too. Some Sony/Alpine ones are in the £60-80 region. Also the Sony/Alpine models that support MFD display are all over the £200 mark. once you take that into account the Kenwoods are a no brainer.

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