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Thread: Engine noise

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    Engine noise

    Hi - i am a new user to this site and think it is brilliant - loads of info - nice job done. I have a problem with an Astra 2003 1.6 16v Z16 XE engine 64k miles done. A couple of months ago i noticed a ticking from the engine at idle and while running - over the month this gradually got worse to a point where i was about to take it into a garage to have it checked out (coming back from a long run at a weekend it was starting to misfire in the airbox) and i could feel it missing as it was a bit jerky. I thought i would just check everything was tight in the engine. I took the plugs out and noticed that one had failed, electrode was very loose and the others looked like they had been under a lot of strain as the white body of the plug was turning brown in colour. I replaced the plugs and the ticking immediately went. However, one month on it has returned when the engine is hot. Starting the engine in the morning the "tick" is not present but 5-10 mins of running it comes back and it is quite loud. I would like to think it is the hydrolic lifters as it would pin point the problem. Could it be something else - EGR valve or air mass meter - would cleaning or replacing these these have any improvement. Also, when i had replaced the plugs i took the filter out to check and noticed the throttle was covered in oil. I cleaned this also and flushed the system through with redex, a double dose just to make sure. Two months on from this i have not checked the condition of the plugs yet or the throttle but will do at the weekend. Is it time to get rid or repair. Will the lifters, if it is them, fail if unchecked or is it just a case of putting up with the noise?
    Thanks - i hope someone can help.

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    At 64,000 miles I'd be dubious of condemning the lifters without some accurate diagnosis first. Mine were fine at 155,000 miles on the same engine.

    You have no air mass meter, just the EGR valve. Z16XE uses a simple air inlet temp sensor.

    Ticking, as I discovered, can be caused by holes in the manifolds, mine had a pinhole in the inlet manifold where the EGR valve mounts. I'd check the inlet and exhaust manifolds and gaskets, and take the EGR valve off and check this area with a torch from the outside of the manifold.

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