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Thread: Cuts out when idling with aircon on

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    Cuts out when idling with aircon on

    Hi guys ive just had a shed load of work done to my zafira 1.6 16v z16xe, which was piston rings, valve steam oil seals, headgasket,etc new timing belt and service.

    Its all running spot on except that when the aircons on it cuts out when it comes to idling, the aircon works just fine when its on, but the car just wont idle with it on, it idles perfect when its off and runs perfect no complaints about it apart from this, ive had it back to the garage as its a mate and he says he has no ideas what so ever, the battery is only 6month old and is a 100 so a big one so its not that (i doubt it anyway) and i cant think of anything myself

    Any help appreciated thanks lads/girls


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    Usually there is a wire from the A/C to the ECU so that the ECU knows when the A/C is on.

    This is because A/C puts extra load on the engine and the ECU needs to compensate.

    If i remember correctly when i turn on my A/C (When it's working which = not very often) the idle RPM raises.

    It sounds like the signal form the A/C that it is turned on does not reach the ECU ....


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