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Thread: mk4 astra hid's

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    Angry mk4 astra hid's

    i think these are called sharkeyes, they are proper vauxhall ones with d2s bulbs and ballests attatched to the bottom.

    well first off i wired them up last week worked perfect,looked cool. then today put them on and nothing checked the wiring,fuses,relays and bulbs they are all fine, so took of the lights and found water inside the light so opened up the ballest to find more water, my questions are,

    1) do you think if i dried them out they would work again?

    2) could i need a new ignitor aswell/instead

    3) is it right that they didnt blow a fuse.

    thanks in advance

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    How much were these from vauxhall and the ballest boxes shouldn't let any water in so you should try taking them back. If you have no luck PM me and i know a cheap website for HID's as i had to buy a new set.

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