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Thread: Anyone down here do Flash Mapping???

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    Anyone down here do Flash Mapping???

    As title really, Got a couple of mods including Courtenay sports air filter, Cat back exhaust and precat soon to go on, was thinking of a cheeky re-map afterwards and people have suggest that I should get someone to do a flash map such as Regal phase 1 map or summin similar etc as it will be cheap and keep me happy for a while til I can afford FMIC and the likes!

    So if anyone in our area does this then shout now!
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    personally i wouldnt go near a un tested map as such, id only go to a pro for something as important as mapping. get it wrong and it could cost you an engine.

    regals maps, although generic are well tested and work on 99% of cars first time with no problems, though you will still get the odd one that doesnt like the map.
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