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Thread: What to look for when you want to buy coupe turbo

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    What to look for when you want to buy coupe turbo

    Rite iv done me reading on the forum ,so know all about `1.9 cdti air boxes and piper exhausts,vxr turbos etc .Thing is i want to know what to look for when buying an astra coupe turbo.
    I test drove one a few weeks back ,it did have 117k on the clock ,didnt let it warm up as it was already on the fuel light and i didnt want to put petrol in .
    Thing is it didnt "feel" as fast as a corolla tsport (1.8 N/A) i drove a few days before that (toss up between the two).basically what do i need to look for ,il have about £2500 to spend ,itl have to sit in my dads garage until november until my current insurance runs out.cheers in advance lads/ladettes

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    Ive been in a corolla t-sport and althougth they have a powerful engine, the astra turbo would beat it!
    Look for a good service history! smoking on idle, hesitation on boost, noise when turning corners, leaking rocker cover.
    I think you would feel the difference at top end in the astra turbo to the corolla t sport.
    Goodluck matey as there awesome cars when working lol

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