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Thread: keeping factory stereo

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    Exclamation keeping factory stereo


    1st post on here and only 1 question really! hope the people who have done this before can solve the problem... im installing my ICE system in my astra (09 3door) and want to keep the factory stereo in as it looks rather nice after upgrading from a pug306. Currently wired all wires through the car and took out the stereo. What cable/connector do i need to to get the subs going??

    Also on the off chance, ive bought a strip of white l.e.d drl lights. (just like they have on audi's n a few other cars. Anyone installed them under the lights or front grille? where do you connect it too?

    hope you can help!

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    Welcome mate

    You will need a speaker to RCA adaptor assuming your amp doesn't have high level inputs?
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