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Thread: converting astra mk3 into pickup

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    converting astra mk3 into pickup

    Hey there,

    Im looking at cutting the roof off of my astra mk3 and converting it to a pickup.

    Can I simply do this and drive away?

    Will the chassis take the strain?

    Is it legal?


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    Not something I know much about but you will not be able to just cut it off and rive away. There is Strenth in the B, C and roofs of Cars so It will require some strength putting back.

    What body shape you thinking of using? I am guessing a van? There are a few about so you may be able to find some build pics or information.

    It is Legal as long as it passes an MOT and you inform the DVLA and insurance of the body shape change. Even if it has MOT before you chop it up, it would be worth doing again once finished just to enusre its legal and keep any police that may stop you at bay.
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