I own a 2000 model Astra-G with X18XE1 engine. I have a the engine light come up and found it to be as a result of fault code (P0130 O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1) C-30). The engine monitoring software displays that the voltage read from the O2 sensor is about 4.87V

Thinking that the 02 sensor is faulty, I have then purchsed an after market Oxygen Sensor (Part No: 90536393) to rectify the problem. After wiring this in, I still have the same problem and fault code appering.

I have measured the voltages of the output wires (when engine is running) and these are as follows:

ECU ---> Red Brown ---> CONNECTOR ---> White ---> 0.147 V
ECU ---> Brown ---> CONNECTOR ---> Yellow ---> 4.850 V
ECU ---> Black ---> CONNECTOR ---> Grey ---> 14.000 V
ECU ---> Grey Brown ---> CONNECTOR ---> Black ---> - 0.022 V

1. Does anyone have any information on exactly what wire is what and what is the expected voltages?

2. Are the voltages mentioned above as expected? Is there any other checks that I can do?

3. Does anyone have any electrical drawings of the ecu and oxygen sensor? I have a Haynes book however this does not show the whole story electrically and none of the wiring schemes (wire colors) are what I have in my astra.

4. To see if I have wired the oxygen sensor in the power correctly, if the sensor is powered up (12V) should I be able to feel the sensor heating up with my fingers tips?

If someone experienced in the O2 sensor or ECU could point me in the right direction that would be great before I go to my dealer...

Can provide more detail/photos if required...