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Thread: somethings died... alternator maybe?

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    somethings died... alternator maybe?

    My battery warning light on the dash has been on since this morning, have driven about 80 miles since.
    Just now my power steering seemed to have failed.
    It wasnt like when the engine isnt on, just felt like driving my old non PAS fiesta- much heavier
    When i parked i turned the engine off and on (just!) and tried the steering. it felt ok but was making a strained whining noise and the steering got heavier the more i turned it.
    Anyone know what's died?

    thanks in advance,

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    Usually as soon as the battery light comes on the power steering fails straight away, maybe because you've been on a motorway you haven't noticed the heavy steering

    Anyway unless you alternator belts broken I suspect your alternators failed
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