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    centre section

    hi there, i have a blueflame centre section for an astra coupe turbo that i need to clear out as im moving soon.
    i bought this 2 months ago as a cat back system but the first centre section did,nt fit quite right so i had to wait 4 wks for them to send me another one that fits properly.
    the problem is that where it comes up over the rear axle it is really close to the fuel tank so if you know any one who can cut and weld it to its right angle then its a bargain, the new one they sent me had been cut and re-welded so it can be done.
    2.5" stainless steel, sleeve fit back box. cost £309 new, been on car for only 4 wks, sell for £50.
    live in sussex. p,m me for more info. collection only....

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    Might be better putting this in the for sale section buddy!!!
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