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Thread: what mods do admiral insure?

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    what mods do admiral insure?

    I cant be botherd to ring up and wait on hold for 20 mins lol, just wondering what mods admiral are happy to insure and for what price...

    Ive just swapped my policy from my 1.8 SXI to an SRI turbo and its got tinted windows and different alloys and for the whole swap it costed me an extra 402 quid! (bargain) seeing as my 1.8 was 600 to insure so ive insured an SRi turbo for 1002 quid (just 20 with 1 NCB and 1 claim)

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    I'm sure if you look at some of the paperwork they gave you through the post you'll see what kind of mods they take (a list usually)

    I've recently declared the "manifold/exhauast none standard" (exhaust) and for the whole year was only £37 extra

    You won't be put on hold for 20mints with admiral tbh they're generally pretty good.
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