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Thread: After a splitter for my gsi (with an idea in mind)

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    After a splitter for my gsi (with an idea in mind)

    Recently saw someone on here with the cupra r front splitter on the gsi bumper. This got me thinking. What other splitters will fit? The choice back in the day was the laguna splitter being ran on every nova on the road. Then i saw this thread....

    i have seen this done twice now. Maybe tacky, maybe not tasteful but i think there is some potential in this. So what would be the best front splitter to go for with the intentions of doing it in hazard tape? Do the old laguna splitters still fit the newer cars? Also i know of someone selling an ibiza front splitter but it's the older shape like the vw polo.

    Something not too big (not irmscher) ideally a subtle add on which i can try it out with the tape, if it doesn't suit it the tape can be removed and ran as a standard black splitter.

    Any ideas or comments welcome

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    laguna splitter fis mine m8. mk4 hatch.

    u mite struggle for other choices. i think irmy 1's dont fitt anyway!
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