Hi there, I currently have a mk3 Astra Van 1.7 TD. It's the GM Lump and not Izuzu so cant really tune the engine.

Taking this into account I'm planning on getting a Mk4 Astra Van 1.7 DTI but I don't know what the tuning is like on these. Celtic Tuning can remap them to 115bhp but want a lil more tbh.

So was thinking of putting a 2.0 DTI into a Mk4 Van. Celtic Tuning can remap these to 140bhp and 230 lb/ft of torque. So if I went down that route, what other mods could I do and what would power would I be looking at the end of the tuning.

Is it possible to add a bigger diesel turbo?
Will a blanking of the EGR Valve do much?
If I had the ECU chipped will it work with a remap or can I only have one or the other?
Closed Induction kit do much?
Any other possible mods I could do?