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Thread: CD30 MP3 AUX?? please help :D

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    Smile CD30 MP3 AUX?? please help :D

    Hi, I have a CD30 MP3 Radio head unit, i have located the wire under the cup holder by the handbrake (, connected the cable ( and i am a little confused what to do next =).

    many people say it needs have somebody tech2 it, some say if its connected and it doesnt work it will never work.

    if it does need to have somebody tech2 it, could somebody give me a step by step guide on what to do, or will pay somebody to activate it around the essex area.

    please help
    thanks alex

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    The AUX in does need to be activated so you can select it via your headunit. Post up in the southeast region to see if someone in the area can help you out
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