Last two weeks I have noticed oil marks on the driveway on the front nearside, just about in line with the driveshaft from my 07 1.8 Automatic Astra Design

At my local repair shop had the car on the ramp, and noticed oil on the chassis. Power steering pump was clean as was all pipework, so suspicion fell upon the seal on the end of the powersteering box, covered by the bellows boot. Being under warranty still, until 10th May , local man did not want to remove the boot and check inside, so car was booked into local 'Masterfit'.

They have diagnosed I need a new radiator and automatic gearbox , which will be replaced under warranty next week.

Appears there is a recall, of which I am not aware, for a radiator fault that allows coolant to travel from the radiator into the gearbox oil cooler, thus emulsifying the gearbox oil.

This is information on this, as far as I can tell, unpublished recall.