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Thread: Emmisions light and a flat spot

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    Emmisions light and a flat spot

    Hi All
    While I am waiting for my op com to arrive can any one throw any light on this problem on my 04 van 1.7 cdti.

    After travelling 120 miles up the M1 the emmisions light came on, the van felt fine apart from an intermittent flat spot that came in around 70-80 mph (found this when trying to over take) the pedal would move but the engine would not pick up, when the flat spot was not there the engine responded and took off just as it should do.

    After a couple of days of local driving the light went out on its own, but came on again yesterday when doing 65 around the M25, again the flat spot was there but not always and occasionaly the flat spot would be a lower speed, still had pedal travel but no pick up.

    The only thing I have done recently is used redex diesel cleaner over a couple of fill ups, reading a couple of posts on here I have got a new fuel filter that I am going to fit today but wondered if any one has any other ideas.

    many thanks


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    Hi there,

    If you have a look at the threads about EGR valves you'll probably find the answer your looking for. If this is the problem then it's easy to sort out and theres also a thread on here that gives you a step by step guide how to clean / replace the valve.

    Hope this helps.

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