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Thread: Vectra Key

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    Vectra Key

    My friend at work has a Vectra 2002 plate, which he bought from a garage and had numerous problems with, they replaced:

    Air Mass
    o2 Sensor
    Coil Pack
    Spark Plugs
    Engine ECU

    Now because this car has had a replacement ECU am i right in saying that if he ordered his key card from VX the code wont be right because its not the original ECU?? As he only has one key and we want to code another transponder chip to it.


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    nah the data from the old ecu will be copied onto the tech2, then when the new ecu is fitted the data is loaded onto it.
    my friend who works for vx explained this to me, so in theory the new ecu is known as the old one so all the codes match up.

    he should be fine as long as this method has been used.
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