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Thread: Astra G Airbag Module

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    Astra G Airbag Module

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2004 astra G OPC. i took my car to GM and had it connected to a Tech2. Gm said that my Airbag control Module is missing. i decided to have a look for myself and found that GM wasn't lying it really is missing...

    The problem is i don't know what the code was on the original one but all i know so far is that there are two different airbag control modules one that uses a blue plug and one that uses a brown plug. Mine has a brown plug.

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    Welcome mate

    How many airbags does your car have? Drivers, passenger? Maybe seat airbags too or even curtain airbags?

    With this info we may be able to help with the numbers you need

    I've removed the other part of your post as we don;t allow wanted add's on this site
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