I'm after some car and engine stats for help with testing an Engine Management System interface application on my Car PC. I'm not the author of the application but need some Astra 2001 1.6 SXi information in order to comprehansively test the software (as a UK representive on behalf of the author - a Palmer Performance Engineering employee).

AFAIK the Astra 2001 1.6 SXi has a Z16XE engine, please correct me if I'm wrong. The information I need is:
  • Drag coefficiant
  • Frontal area
  • Engine displacement
  • Volumetric efficiency
For those that are interested, the application is the upgraded version of DashCommand, developed by Palmer Performance Engineering (PPE). I am not connected in any way with PPE except from using thier software and being invited to test by the developer (due to my interest in the developers code scripts and skin design).

Thanks in advance,

The developer is also looking for a diesel car owner for testing. However, the volunteer tester would need to be in possession of a Portable/Car PC with an OBD Interface Unit. (He has asked me whether I knew someone in a position to diesel test.)