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    Key Fob

    Hi Guys

    3 years ago I let my keys fall in a car park. The blue chip inside the key fob fell out and was lost.

    The mechanic got Opel to cut a new key but it didnt have the remote control function, just a key. However the original remote control key fob still opened and closed the doors, so I was using both.

    I was told the blue chip is for when you start the car.

    My Central Remote Key Fob is no longer working.

    I changed the battery and still doesnt work.

    Is it possible to get a new remote control key fob an get teh blue chip put into it so I can have one key that works again, without major costs involved.

    Many thanks.

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    The chip you have lost is the transponder for the immobiliser, some locksmiths can copy them from the spare key.
    As for the remote fob, check the solder contacts of the battery holder as they are known to suffer from poor connections.
    If you cannot get a new chip programmed for the key you will need your vehicle security pass to get a new key/chip ordered & programmed by your dealer, but that definitely wont be cheap.
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