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Thread: Is Idle Control Valve covered under Vauxhall manufacturer warranty?

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    Question Is Idle Control Valve covered under Vauxhall manufacturer warranty?

    Ash has been having issues with the starting of her car. When it starts, it doesn't idle smoothly, and on some occasions it cuts out. One time when I was starting it, took 3 attempts to get it going, and even then it had to be revved on the 3rd attempt to keep the revs up to stop it from cutting out.

    Spoke to Sonic_Coupe at one of our meets at beginning of the year and he said it sounds like the Idle Control Valve.

    Anyway, forgot all about it til Ash mentioned it again the other day that it was still cutting out. She took it to the garage on Tuesday morning, mechanics had a brief look at it, and diagnosed the Idle Control Valve needed replacing. Said rather than wasting time taking it off and cleaning it, they said just swap it for a new one. Anyway, car is booked in with them for next Tuesday.

    Had a thought though, the car is still covered under Vauxhall's manufacturer warranty as its not 3 years old until end of June this year. The garage above have quoted 110 for part supplied and fitted. Now, question is, would it be covered under Vauxhall's warranty? If so then we will cancel garage and get Vauxhall to do work under warranty.

    Suggestions/comments welcome!

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    As long as the cars been serviced as vauxhall suggest it will be under warrenty
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