Afternoon all... hope everyone is well ... basicly just want to get some info from anyone with past experiance of doing any engine work on 02 plate astra g's 1.6 16v sxi's. Basicly im looking to completly strip my engine. My idea's so far are to get the head ported and polished, skimmed ( a little) take out the valves , clean it all up and replace the stem seals re- lap in the valves. Possibly re-hone the bore's . Remove the pistons completly clean them up and replace the piston rings.Replace the water pump(due to being told this model are bad for them going) and replacing the timing belt and possibly the egr valve (for the same reason ) . The cars done 78k and to be honest im starting to loose interest with it. Im a mechanic by trade anyway so i would do all the work myself. Just wondering if anyone has done any of this work themselves , any tips, pointers or idea's for changing parts for modified or better performance parts. The main reason for doing this is really just to give the engine i refresh if you like... any idea's or any info from anyone who has done this and what parts they used would be great. Many thanks for any input