Hi Guys,
I'm new on here and hope to be around for a while, just don't want to be asking for advice all the time, Ha.

I would also like to be able to give some if I can.

My name is Paul,
I live in Shetland,
I drive a 2000 plate Astra 1.8 SXI
and I just bought my wife a 56 plate Corsa 1.3SXI CDTI (excellant on fuel)

Now for the question bit, The past few days my Astra has started being dodgy on driving off from cold, when it's warm it's fine.

It seems to be like what people used to call Kangaroo juice how embarrasing!

Out of the four Astra's I have had over the years this is the first time I have had one do this.

I have read somewhere on here that on an eight valve it could be the EGR,
is it possible to be the EGR on my car?

Any help would be very usefull,
Cheers Paul