Hello all. I have a problem and would appreciate any advice. I have a Astra 2003 2.2 sri, its been faultless for about 5 years but has recently developed a slight oil leak. I am not sure where its coming form but will try and explain.
As you stand at the front of the engine and leen over to look down the back i can see where oil has leaked from the top of the engine back onto a silver pipe going down the back of the engine. I have taken the cover off the engine and it looks like its leaking from somewhere high up. Like i say the oil is leaking down the back of the engine on this silver pipe (sorry dont know what that is called) then down to the sump and consequently onto the exhaust causing a horrid burnt oil smell.
Can anyone please help, from research so indicate it might be the oil pressure switch? I am not sure where this is located?
Any help appreciated.