Hi all, im reletavley new to this site.

I was just wondering if some of you could possible help me, im intrested in possibly purchising a white, silver or black astra van on around a Y plate as i have just passed my qualification to be a care worker and want to treat myself.

However i am a typical teenager (very Niave), i was just wondering at what i should look out for when coming to purchase an astra van in around 2-3months time. What is the ideal mileage to look for in a car of around that age?

I am also a typical teenager in the same retrespect that i am looking to modify it;
  • Gsi Bodykit
  • Full Leather Seats
  • Full Stainless System
  • In Car Entertainment
  • And Maybe A Derv Doctor Dump Valve

A bit of guidance and heads up on what to look for would be much appreciated.