hi all i am hoping someone has come across these problems before i know it could be a multi-tude of things but you never know someone might know what it is.....
i have a 99 1.8 16v zaffy it is jerky on acceleration and de-acceleration
i have blanked off the egr valve which has not helped i habe changed the coil pack i grant you it was second hand but it never changed the situation its had new plugs air filter oil filter oil forte injector cleaner
but to no avail i hope some one can help
5th gear has now started to chatter i dont know if this is anything to do with the jerky ride
do these have a dual mass flywheel could it be the clutch ????
also its started doing about 120 miles to 20 quid is this right the wifes not heavy footed but it is alot of town miles...