I just cannot help myself so I invested in some subtle interior mod's for the misses Astra (and yes your right, she doesnt know about these ! The standard Astra interior is just dull and bland and has no life!

Anyway, the first is the Leather Steering Wheel. The old plastic one was worn out so thought what the h3ck, may aswell upgrade to a leather one.
Next up is the chrome heater control rings. The black dash in the Astra is just too bare, even for my liking, so I think these have done the trick.

Next is the Chrome/Alloy gear knob. Again, the old one had bits coming of the bottom of it, like a dog had chewed on it (common on these), so managed to find this Alloy one.

Then decided on the chrome rings for the speedo cluster too. Again, my last Astra G was an SXi so it had the white dials, and this was just too bland so invested in these rings too (and I must say that I dont know what Vx didnt just put these in as standard).

And for now, the last of the weekends mod's is the chrome kick/sill plates. I just think these are a great finishing touch.

So, your thoughts please folks?

Im looking for a decent set of 15" wheel trims for now, but in the near future, when I get some £££ together, I will be investing in some Alloy's to. But for now, this is your lot.