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Thread: Squealing 2.0 Dti astravan

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    Red face Squealing 2.0 Dti astravan

    Hey all, Please help before I get witch-hunted by the neighbours!!

    I have a (w reg) 2.0 dti astra van, ecotech engine, and at half 5 every morning when I leave for work, the aux belt screams its head off!! so I have to pretty much get out of the housing estate pronto before I wake every bugger up.

    Seriously tho, at first I thought it was a worn aux belt, so I changed it for a new one and the squeal went, but only for a few days, that was a couple of months ago, now its gone a whole lot louder, and very very annoying.

    It only lasts a few minutes, I usually switch off the engine and start it up immediatly, whilst driving along, not the best of things to do whilst driving I know, but 99% of the time, it shuts it up.
    Now i'v been told that the problem might actually be the alternator jamming, hence the belt slipping around its pully, but I'm told that the alternator is bugger to remove on these vans.

    What I'm asking is, has anybody else had this problem and what to do for the best? and how easy/difficult is it to remove/replace the alternator?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Hi gartroy,
    I had something similar on my vecky 20ltr di, i changed the belt, seemed ok for a while but then the squeeling started again.
    Yes go ahead and check the alternater spins freely, easily done when the belt is off.

    But i found that my belt tentioner pully was weak, and when i replaced it(easy job by the way) i could see it was brocken, quite common apparently

    Cured my problem and i expect yours as well

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