Was a nice day so i decided to polish my car and take few pics

As you can see the front bumper is scuffed and craked, going to repair it next weekend.

And sorry for the dirty steelies I'm waiting my new summer tyres to arrive from camskill.co.uk, so i put my old winter tyres on temporarily as i don't want to wear out my new studded tyres on dry roads.

Bought these few weeks ago. They are in mint condition and i only paid 100€ for them

To do-list:

  • Coupe bumpers and side skirts (hard to find, but maybe some day...)
  • Red/clear tail lights
  • Debadge (been on the list for 2 years but never got round doing it )
  • Tint rear windows
  • Fit rear parking sensors
  • New shocks and springs (car has done 163k miles and still on it's original shocks)
  • Remove tow bar