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Thread: Whats the opinion on the 2.2 mk4

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    Whats the opinion on the 2.2 mk4

    Hey AOC,

    I'm a forum troll at the moment because i'm in the hunt for a better motor. The 1.9 CDTi has been an eye opener, a GSi is hard to come by and a 1.6 16v Sxi doesnt excite me at all.

    I've noticed not many mention the 2.2 SRi - is this because its not popular or a crap car or what? There's a sweet looking one close to where i am

    Having a turbo'd car seems to rack up my insurance somewhat (33 and been driving for 3 years only) so maybe a middle of the road car will suit me better. Any info would be awesome


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    I bought a red SRI a month or so back, it's used by my girlfriend and aside from it being a right bitch to get musical equipment in and out of (3 door design, error, should have bought an estate, hardly the cars fault!) it's been a great car so far.

    My frame of reference would probably be the 306 GTI-6, itself a legendary hot hatch and the SRI doesn't come off too badly.

    The engine picks up nicely, has enough shove without really blowing you away and has been pretty economical. 400 to a tank is about the average and that's with a decent chunk of town driving. Picking it up I drove it home before I'd been able to tax it (not a great idea I know, however due to a whole bunch of dull issues I couldn't get a tax disk on it or l;eave it where it was) so I stayed to 65mph on the motorway and hit over 500 miles on the first tank, that's not far off our old diesel. The engine pulls really nicely throughout the rev range and it sounds quite good as well.

    Handling wise it doesn't have the feedback of the 306 (nothing really does) but it has a decent chunk of grip and can be placed nicely on the road. The gear change is pretty good as well, a surprise after the shocking effort in our diesel.

    Overall it's never going to set the world on fire but it is a very underrated hatch and a great all rounder. I actually quite fancy taking it to the ring and hammering it round for a the day, with the engine feeling pretty unstressed for a 2.2 it gives you the confidence that it'd hold up perfectly well for a 15 lap weekend stint, it certainly gives me a lot more faith than any of my french cars did.

    The one you've linked looks nice, though it does seem very expensive. It's £1300 more than I paid for my car, admittedly it's 6 months or so younger, from a dealer and mine has a couple of issues (needs a service and a bodywork tidy) however the wear to the steering wheel at the top points to a similar mileage (90k). For the cash I think you should be able to do a bit better

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