Had a diagnostics on my 1.7 cdti. as when i start it. it then cuts out.after a couple of minutes.then a lot of trys later it starts again. and runs nice all day as soon as cars warmed up. so vauxhall said it was battery. 70quid and 2 day's later back to the same problem. took it back.
now they said its fuel injectors.fuel pump. and fuel filter £2500 all just suddenly gone. but when the car is started it runs nice all day without a problem.
so i changed fuel filter 2 weeks ago. ran sweet. but now when i start it up. cuts out after a minute or so. but then starts right back up, and runs nice all day.
when it cuts out. only the battery light shows. nothing else shows on the dash. loose wire somewere? it's really annoying me now.
can anybody please help? thanks.