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Thread: Astra MK4 CDX Track Car

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    Astra MK4 CDX Track Car

    Its that time of year again when we decide to go to Nurburgring to piss about in cars, last year the tri (jr, me and fad) went in my standard vauxhall astra and it served its purpose well. This time round Fad decided to take his clio which left me and James to ponder what car to take? after all our own long term projects werent going to be fniished in time!

    After consulting pistonheads looking for great handling cars, looking in the back of evo for stuff that was 5 star rated, we in the end ignored everything and went back to the More door astra that had done so well on the last trip in june

    it had smashed through northern europe last time, did an unofficial 10.25 lap, and got us home, but this time we wanted a sub 10, the mission was on :!

    the car was delivered James already sporting eibach springs and a whiteline arb (vital internet handling mods)

    then on Saturday, at precisely 11.17 am, the project began, sponsored by pg tips and some bacon rolls, jr, willay, fad, warreng and jr's brother luke did this

    now with a plain canvas, the corbeaus from jr's corsa were installed, along with some very nice omp 4 points

    onto the tyre front, the 195/5 15s wer'nt going to cut it, so we bought these, and some yoko semi slicks from lee303

    we then remeberd the astra was 5 stud, so sold them again, and bought these and mounted them up

    and some sexy looking spares (cheers warren)

    obviously such delights as the wooden trim and gear knob have stayed for strength reasons (wood lowers the c.o.g)

    and the sort of finished article

    After a successful trip, I couldnt just stop there so prep for the next Combe day and September's Nurbrug trip took place:

    Take one engine bay

    Remove aircon

    Take some cheap coilovers (big thanks to Pickford for sorting these out for me!)

    And fit them like so

    Coilovers were fitted on the Friday morning before Combe so I decided to pop down to Mark Fish Motorsport who is just outside of Harlow for him to set the car up and do the tracking for me. After various cups of teas later I let back out to get home and pack my bags for Combe!

    The Astra did really well at Combe, felt alot more planted in corners and a little bit faster on the straights which I think was mainly down to the big service it got last week (belt, cam pully sensor, fuel filter, air filter, plugs, oil, oil filter and rebodged the exhaust to fit again) and I'm looking forward to the Nurburgring! The tyres are slowly getting to the end of their life and I'm hoping to get the best out of them with jr at the 'Ring which may be our last trip of the year ( )

    In its current state I'm happy to take her abroad again but I still have a little wish list compiled which consits of:

    Oil temp/pressure gauges
    Better brake pads
    Fressshhh set of semi slicks


    With the track sessions been and gone I was REALLY excited about Nurburg, the semi slicks were getting to the end of their life, Me and James were planning to get the last out of them!

    Nurburg came and went, two amazing sessions of week day TF and we got on the GP track which seemed like whacky races, no sign on, hardly any flags, no helmets needed.


    At Karin's apartment

    Lining up on Monday


    New year, new plans.

    While the Corsa goes through its own personal problems I decided to focus on the Astra, so far its been a award winning platform for fun in Germany and this year I'd like to improve on that and take it to some UK track days.

    First mod of the year is plastic windows, decided to start off with the rears only and see how it goes. Lee303 inspired me for the idea and gave me the push for it so big thanks to him.

    I donned my new PPC overalls I got from subscribing to their fantastic mag for another 12 months while I was at Autosport international on Friday

    we used polycarb 4mm thick from the builders, no one does a kit for a mk4 5dr astra funny enough...

    Once fitted it was sealed

    Lee made a fannytastic bracket

    the final weigh in

    Thats it for now, next on the todo list:

    buy and fit steering wheel (hi rally design!)
    remove carpets
    remove sunroof
    stiffen the shell up abit.


    SOOOOO I got some goodies in the post in the last few days with some more to come, I decided seeing as it was valentines days I'd treat one of my loves to some attention.

    First off I decided to fit the steering wheel, once you have the boss n ting everything seems rather straight forward, until i found THIS!!

    after scratching my head and drinking tea wondering is this important? I removed it anyway and BOOM fitted the wheel, heres the pics

    another pic

    this is what it looks like from jr and I's point of view

    oh another!

    Next up was a job I wasnt really looking forward to after much internet research but turned out to be easy peeeeasy! Removing the sound deading, I started from the back and finished the area where rear seats go, still need to do round the spare wheel well, and both foot wells/under the seats


    Scratching paint is a must

    and a big bag of crap to weigh in at the end! Always good to know what i've removed and added weight wise for this experiment.

    Thats it for today! alot more to remove but I've got a day off tomorrow so I may dedicate a few hours to the car instead of promising myself I'll go to the gym to work on my other weight reduction project

    Plenty of things coming up before I take it out on track again, I've got some special bucket seats coming next week hopefully and I've also put down an order for a custom cages CL4 club cage. Oh and them all important front plastic windows to **** off james. thanks for reading :wave:


    Seats are here

    Will double up as seats for the Corsa in 2020.

    Big thanks to Tony for his help as always.

    Interesting today at lee's!

    Turned up and removed some bits

    Lee was already busy spraying some strange poles pink :boggle:

    playground frame


    Lee made some brackets

    Seat looks awesome! makes it feel faster :loll:

    Roof lining is out, looks like the sunroof will need some modification too for the cage to fit


    Cage prep

    Adult took over with the big boys tools


    Removed, weighed a ton.

    Hope we don't have any screws left


    Originally ripped off from Lee's thread

    so , a fun packed day at the garage today, felt just like old times tbh, caging up a slightly inappropriate yet brilliant car loll
    JR even turned up, in a rather expensive shoe…tastefully modelled here by our very own by willay

    then, we got on with fitting the cage!!

    stripped the dash bar out, cut out some brackets, then started mocking up the foot plates

    then lots of removing the cage, fitting the cage, getting git in the right place,

    then welded the plates fully, and started proper welding

    then just carried on with al the bits and bobs

    then i tackled the dash bar, seemed easiest to do this

    then got on with fitting the seat properly now e have side mounts, and there was much frivolity involing the ant and dec of the car modding world...

    so, a pretty good day, will be finishing off tomorrow and hopefully fitting the front plastic windows and passenger seat, and fitting the dash back in
    stickered the nova a touch more today too, just to show it some love…

    love it...
    James did something!!!

    Few cage shots few

    Even Lee had a go

    So yeah cage is pretty much there, tomorrow has the finishing touches inshore swell as the second seat, headlock of a dash installation, plastic front windows and give it a clean with some fairy liquid.

    Big thanks to Lee for sorting out the cage using his man skills which he has developed by hanging around with a bunch of drive-thru nova owners.. I also had a go of the welding for the first time thanks to Lee and you can defiantly tell which bits are mine good fun though! Time for some much needed rest.


    Ripped from lee303's thread

    righty, so a bit more shonky fun today, got 99% of the stuff done, just needs some finishing touches now
    fitted a harness bar...

    and yes, i know they aint quite level with each other, but the cope i did by eye fitted the cage so well it seemed stupid to redo it just for the sake of 5mm lmao

    also got the dash back in, its probably not 100% where it was before, but it fits!! lmao

    then got on with some sliders and front plastic, once willay had removed the mechanisms and glass

    and fitted both the seats

    and then it was off for a drive, willay said he noticed how much stiffer it was immediately(wahay!!! ) i had a go and it feels pretty good, a few tweaks may be on the horizon though, as ever once you do big changes you find things you'd like to do to make them slightly better...

    did sticker it up though!!:thumbs:

    so, a brilliant weekend all together :beer:

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    Thought I'd take a quick snap

    and thats how she sits right now, with the semi slicks on until Castle Combe Action Day, I'll be running around the stand :thumbs:

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    Haven't updated in a while, this is what you have missed

    Fitted some bushes

    then fitted the new ones, including the castor adjustment one from whiteline, only gives a little bit but every little helps where castor is concerned!!

    new rear springs, the stock ones gaz spec are not really up to it tbh, so i got will to order some 400s

    turns in a lot better now! then we wanted to get rid of the remains of the sunroof after will had seen someone with a corsa do it so got all excited, lmao

    ally, sealant and rivets later

    even painted it!!

    Then got the roof vent and new bumper

    Lee asked me if I fancied some more power...

    this was meant to be unveiled at Coombe, but we ran out of time, so to save all the questions of ‘wheres the astra Will’ this is where it wills farm, with a mostly complete supercharger installation...

    been chatting with will for a while about giving the astra more power and amazingly he went along with my idea! so, Will found a 'charger on Ebay and we set too, first thought were to put it here…V8 air filter not included!!

    then decided after being given a charge cooler for free, it would work better here…

    i'll let the pics do the talking, but basically it was just a case of fabbing some mounts, sorting the belt run and playing with the head slightly, and then fitting a DTA S40 ecu to control it all, the charge cooler uses a Mk3 astra heater matrix for a rad and a Bosch pump, and i fitted an oil cooler too, both fitting neatly in the new gsi bumper holes…also went for a longer gear set and a paddle clutch on a lighter flywheel oh and Zlet injectors to cope with the fuelling

    as i said, first mapping session didn't go too well, but when its the first time you fire the car up you cant expect much else! but having driven it today i hope we've sussed all the problems so its just back to Track n Road for a map, bit of paint and we are done, needs to be ready for the may trip to germany obviously…sounds great though when it makes some boost…

    please excuse the dodgy rusty inlet pipe, loooong started as a budget project but did spiral slightly, but only really with the ECU purchases etc, now it will be interesting to see what we can squeeze out of it, expecting to see just under bar of boost with the current pullies, so should be interesting….

    then this weekend some odd jobs got finished

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