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Thread: Need help with two problems

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    Need help with two problems

    Hello there. Sorry if my topic is not in place or anybody has already discussed it. I have two error codes after diagnostics.
    I have checked autodata. Shortly (but as i'm a bit dumb in all this car stuff it means nothing to me lol):
    P1100: Fault location - Mass air flow (MAF) sensor/turbocharger (TC) boost pressure sensor - implausible signal. Probable cause - Intake leak/blockage, TC wastegate regulating valve, MAF sensor, TC boost pressure sensor.

    P0105: Fault location - Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor/barometric pressure (BARO) sensor - circuit malfunction. Probable cause - Wiring, MAP sensor, BARO sensor, ECM.

    Any ideas what is wrong with my car? I'm driving mk4/G astra, 2.0l DTI (74kw). I'v got a <check engine> sign on the dashboard after going more then 130km/h on the highway. After the <check engine> appeared, my car went into the "emergency treatment" if can say so. And it didnt go more than 100km/h and it was damn slow. After restarting engine, it was like it was before. And so iv got same problem two times, in same situation. If i run my car up to 4k rpm or so on 3rd or 2nd gear, nothing goes wrong, so its strange. Also about two months ago my cars turbine stopped working normal. Diagnostics showed nothing except that turbine makes no pressure (sorry if my expression is wrong). Appears its the turbine solenoid problem (J - did nothing to fix it as it fixed it self and turbine is working just fine, yesterday diagnostics show that when running, turbine makes more than 2 bar(?????) pressure). Thanks for the help

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    your car has up you in limp mode...

    by what you have posted it sounds like you already have found your problem

    change the MAP sensor ( on the IC ) and if it happens again change the AFM..

    most likely that will be your two areas that are causing the problem...

    if you have a fiend with same car try swapping the parts one at a time with them to see what happens...
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