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Thread: I Need Help Replacing My Clutch '52 plate 1.8 SRi XE - MK4 G

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    I Need Help Replacing My Clutch '52 plate 1.8 SRi XE - MK4 G

    Hello everyone.

    This is my first post ever and have spent the last 2 hours scouring the site for some help.
    I am in need of advice concerning the replacement of a clutch.

    I have not found any help thus far, if you could help by posting a link to the page or offering a solution I would be very grateful.

    I drive a '52 plate 1.8 SRi XE - MK4 G, F17 Gearbox.

    I am pretty savvy with changing a clutch however have never done one on this particular car and have a few questions.

    1. If anyone can point me in the direction of a haynes manual type pic of the clutch this would help.

    2. Does the Gearbox housing have to come off before attempting to remove the clutch.

    3. I need to know if I need a 'locking key' to hold the clutch plates in place... or can I get away with a screwdriver or 2 to do the job.

    4. Has anyone ever done this and found that the procedure for dismantling/ remounting is different to a 'standard' clutch. i.e. anything in particular out of the ordinary, that wouldn't come with a complete clutch kit.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    you have two options, to either lift the engine out from the top to get at the clutch and release bearing unit or drop the subframe and remove the gearbox from below. after that it fairly straightforward, bolt up the new clutch using a clutch lining up tool, fit the new hydraulic release bearing unit, reassemble everything in reverse order and then bleed out the new hydraulic bearing. the clutch unit is a fairly standard type unit mounted on a pot type flywheel

    you may have to buy the release bearing unit seperate, some kits come with it and some don't

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