Just thought I would share some phots I took of Dawe's Twine Works that are undergoing restoration in West Coker where I live. The Works were built in he 19th century and rope (and sailcloth)from here was supplied to the Royal Navy. The Works fell into disrepair but now plans are afoot to once again produce rope there and get it up and running as a living museum.

I think I might apply for a job there when it does.

Anyway on with the phots. Just remember that the phots were taken from about 1/3 along the length from the same place ,both ways.

This is a phot taken of the phots taken before the latest round of restoration which was to pull back and straighten up the building. The building itself is over 300 feet long.

The double pencil mark on the far right of the beam marks where the building started

Looking along the inside of the building. The wooden floor above is the original Baltic pine floor and is in perfect condition.

Looking along the outside of the building.The movers were expecting a 15/20% loss of roofing tiles (double Roman made just outside Bridgwater), the actual loss was one, not percent but one!

One of the hand winches used to apply tension to the twine and ropes being made, there are 8 ( i think) of these across the width of the building

And finally, lurking in the end of the shed, can you tell what it is?