Hi folks,

Some members here may spot I've posted this elsewhere, but I'd like as much opinion as possible =)

I'm booked in for tuning in 2 weeks, I want a wideband lamba sensor and AFR gauge to stay on the safe side, so I can see any possible issues going forward.

I've looked at the DynoJet, but its too pricey for me unfortunately.

I was thinking AEM or ProSport. Can anyone tell me if the ProSport one is crap or will it do the business? They seem to talk the talk at least

"Utilizing the latest Bosch wideband O2 sensor -5 wire heated LSU 4.9 (Prosport Inc. is the only one in the USA to use them) our gauge now has the widest range 10.0:1 to 20.0:1 AFR readings on the planet. "

Anyone give me an opinion on this? If they both do the same job to similar accuracy, I'd prefer the one that suited the theme of the car, LEDs going forward etc, which would be the ProSport.

From what I gather as long as I stay away from narrowband I should be fine.

Thanks again,