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Thread: Unlucky Newbie

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    Unlucky Newbie

    Evening all.

    A quick question for you all. My brother has just bought an 06 CDTi 150 Zaf, and a 2nd had Red DTUK box off a CDTi Vectra.

    Since fitting it, it has been back in the garage 3 times in a month!!
    First time for a clogged EGR, that was cleaned, then the DPF went, which was replaced, then one of the DPF hoses split? Both were replaced.

    Now we both realise it may be a coincidence, the map is set to 0 (+20%) and there is no smoke under load....

    Is he just unlucky... or does something sound wrong?? Any suggestions?

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    firstly +20 is very high. he is probs not getting any more power just using more fuel.... try +10

    but i would say that in 1 month thats not enough time to do all that damage. But saying that all those problems happen on std cars. i Think hes just been un lucky

    ive had my dtuk box on for 14 15 months and not had a problem. (i had 2 clean my agr valve but that was b4 i pu the box on lol )
    astra cdti 202bhp 323 lb-ft torque 45mpg
    audi tt 180bhp and no lb-ft torque lol

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