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Thread: Freemans Chianti Coupe Turbo

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    Freemans Chianti Coupe Turbo

    Hi folks,

    Thought it was about time I did a WIP report so here it is!

    Owned the car since Jan 2010. At the moment things are pretty standard on the coupe apart from a few little mods and things are gonna start changing soon so might aswell start now!

    As for styling Im not quite sure what direction I want to go in... I like the 'euro' look, also the 'motorsport' and the 'OEM +1' look annddd the 'bespoke' look so I think the general idea I have is to just go with the flow and see what I can afford and what I deem as funky or different looking, Im expecting a very marmite reaction with some of the combination of plans Iv got in mind but hopefully it will be a bit of a razzamataz daily driver, this isnt going to be a mind blowing build as fund wont allow but I'll do my best to be different on a budget!

    Performance wise Id like to get her to (now for the pub talk) 300bhp or whatever makes me smile the most. SAFELY, but with the engine already on 103,000miles some work is gonna be required to keep it from going pop! 1 thing you must know though before I continue is what gets me going about a car is the sound it makes, the beastier the better... not to some peoples tastes but its not exactly gonna be all growl no bite either ;-)

    Now for the facts....

    When I bought her....
    2001 Chianti Astra Coupe 2.0 Turbo
    101,000 miles
    Service history to 89,000
    Baileys DV (plumbed into original boost pipe)
    Tinted windows
    Powerflow catback exhaust
    VXR oil return pipe from turbo (only recently found out)
    Standard cloth interior
    Standard ICE

    I have since added/done.

    Plasma Boost Gauge
    Cross Hatch Grill (LMF)
    Valeo Flat wipers
    Txauto sport 3" tophat with DV spout
    Txauto sport 2.5" Boost pipe
    one way valved OE DV
    Removed rear BCS
    Iridium Plugs
    Courtenay Sport Filter in standard box

    Day I got her........

    Had already bought a couple things ready for its arival so heres what changed within the first couple hours!...

    Temporary fitted!!!!

    Love these grills!

    As she came....

    two hours later.....

    With that done....

    Second things second since the car came to me with the last official service done at 89,000 and now sitting at 101,000 it was time for a new one! So with help of good friend Luke (LMD on here) who offered to help as I am about as useful as a chocolate tea pot with cars we set to work and did everything bar the waterpump and cambelt (which looked quite fresh)

    Upon inspection found that rocker cover gasket was leaking and had really mucked up sparkplug number 3 I ordered a new gasket and left the plugs till the new gasket arrived.... One week later found whoever last did the rocker cover gasket made a right hash of it, sealant everywhere!!...

    Luke and I gave rocket cover a good clean and ready to go back on .....

    A week later and the radiator decides to crack, possibly due to the solid boost pipe pulling the intercooler when givin it some stick. So back down to Lukes to get a new one fitted.

    and as the engine bay stands today...

    I have bought a powerflex lower engine mount bush to hopefully prevent a crack in this new rad but havent had chance to get it fitted yet, but soon!

    Couple of days after changing the rad I had a mystery major oil leak coming from somewhere, no smoke, no coolant loss, no bad engine behaviour and no actual leak to be seen! Keith SRI-t kindly took it to his garage to have a good look around it and couldnt find a thing wrong with it, thats because (apart from a very slow valve stem seal leak) there was nothing wrong with it, it stopped gulping oil and all is now fine!

    And that brings up to date now!

    Have ordered some coilovers just waiting for delivery, Booked in a one off custom wheel refurb on the turbo rims and also booked in for a nice loud alarm with some extras!... Keep your eyes peeled!

    As she stands now....

    Please feel free to pm me any comments or ideas!
    Disastra Coupe Turbo - Chianti Red
    Kept running by LMDevelopments

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    Update time! ... Got a new stereo couple weeks back so heres that!...

    Also had 3 orders arrive from various places on the same day.. what timing!
    Some FK angel eye headlights, White LEDs and Some 6000k HIDs

    Weather was wetting it down so I decided to borrow a garage and get fitting!

    Heres how the oldens looked....

    I was quite proud of myself for this little bit of DIY I managed to get the front bumper off without snapping anything and get the lights out and in without blowing myself up!... well I did blow a fuse about 4 times trying to fit the white LEDs into the halo lights but that was due to cr@p fitment bulbs so ditched them and stuck with the originals untill some better bulbs arrive soon! Will get new pics up when Iv done!

    Testing halo lights

    Testing HIDs

    Jobs a gudden!

    Shes very dirty atm but with the rubbish weather atm Im gonna wait untill shes atleast got a chance of staying decent for a whole day!

    Right, I have a mystery oil leak issue recently which i thought had corrected itself untill today

    Check oil came on yday and gave it a little top up and continued on my way. then today it came on again!! ... bone dry this time! :O

    Upon getting my mother to rev the car with its loud exhaust outside her house with the neighbours starring through the windows (which she just loved im sure haha) whilst I checked what was happening with exhaust fumes I spied some white smoke! ohhh dearr... So its off to get new valve stem seals, head skim and gasket, cambet kit etc etc next week!

    Also next week I have some mods booked in at a few places so keep em peeled!
    Disastra Coupe Turbo - Chianti Red
    Kept running by LMDevelopments

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