Hi All,

A family member has trouble with her mechanical power steering pump. The pulley has come adrift. It appears to be a common problem with some Renault's. I believe the pulley on the vehicle is held on by two bolts. One appears tro be missing. Not having seen the vehicle I am not in a position to comment any further.

I have been given a part number by Renault based on the vehicle registration, but all my attemps to locate one at a local scrappy have been fruitless. The part number given by Renault was; 8200888500.
Most of the pumps I looked at, which had labels on them, at a local scrappy, were 7700 type. eg. 7700419117 or 7700420305.
Is there an equivalant number?
The pump is still fitted to the car and is very far from me so I cannot tell.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.