Had a quick search but couldn't find anything similar so wonder if anyone can cast any light on the subject.

I've had a mk4 SXi 1.6 16v for a few years now and it's always had an annoying habit that's really getting on my nerves now!

Generally speaking it starts & runs fine, however if i start it from cold, and stop after only a short time, (e.g. moving it off my drive onto the road), then stop the engine, the next time i try to start it, it doesn't want to paly ball. Turns over absolutely fine, but jsut doesn't seem to want to fire, after a lot of turning over, it does eventually start - hurendous smell of petrol, splutters a bit, but keep revs up for a 20 seconds or so and then all is good again.

Anyone got any thoughts or had the same problem?

Did take it to a main dealer once a couple of years ago, but obviously it's a tricky one for them to reproduce.