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Thread: Alloy suggestions...

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    Alloy suggestions...

    Hi there,
    i have a silver astra sxi but it is annoyingly 4 stud instead of 5 stud...

    im looking into getting some new alloys but just wondering if you guys have got any suggestions..
    i have looked on a thread on here somewhere else with loads of pics but a majority are 5 stud

    and help would be ideal and pics if you could...

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    look in for sale section of this site m8!

    was some nice 18'' 4 stud in grey for 300 quid with tyres!

    if i wasnt skint id have them!!
    STAR SILVER 3, ASTRA SPORT 1.6 16v. - GSI replica spolier, GSI skirts, Prodrive rear skirt, laguna splitter, crosshatch grill, OZ 17's, -40mm springs, 6000k HID, K&N Apollo.

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