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Thread: Coolant doesnt seem to be circulating.

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    Coolant doesnt seem to be circulating.

    Hey everyone. I recently changed the radiator in my astra coupe, i filled the system with water/antifreeze... it only took about 5 litres (i thought it would take more)

    Now when im running the car at first i can clearly see the coolant returning to the header tank... but after a while of running it seems to stop. Is this normal? or is there a problem somewhere?

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    You wont usually see a circulation through the header tank other than the feed coming from the thermostat housing or the radiator as it steams / bubbles back in. This is because it isn't in the main cooling circuit, its just there to keep it topped up and allow expansion of the heated coolant out of the system.

    If you're still worried then check the following
    If the radiator gets completely warm, and quickly when the engine is hot then the thermostat and the pump is probably fine and coolant is flowing, if the rad stays cold then its likely the thermostat, if the rad gets warm really slowly and stays cold at one end then its more likely to be your water pump that's the problem.
    Also keep and eye on your temperature gauge, the thermostat should keep it at about 85 / 90 I believe, if it hits the red then you have a circulation problem. If this is the case start with the thermostat, as its the cheapest and easiest to replace, see if that solves the problem, if it doesn't, change the water pump.
    Hope this helps. Alex

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    After changing the coolant, either as a matter of service of because a component has been changed, air locks will make the system behave strangely for a wee while, such as erratic circulation and apparent coolant loss. Run the car for a few days and check again before spending any money. After that amount of time, all the airlocks will have bled themselves out as thats what the system is designed to do.
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