Hi guys
First post on the forum after lots of reading and looking at the galleries. Some awsome cars kicking around and some sound advice too.
So i thought i would post to say hi, and ask for a little advice on wheels. I currently own a 5 door 07 plate mk5 black astra which i love to bits. It currently has the 16" steel 5 spoke wheels which look "ok" but being an obsessive detailer, and polishing it up to the eyeballs i feel there is something missing. Namely alloys.
I dont want to do anything too drastic, certainly not interested in lowering at the moment so basicaly what im asking is what would you guys recomend in the way of alloys. Do 18's drop straight on? if so, what tyre size would i be looking at? Same question on the 17's too really. I am on a tight budget but any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys