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Thread: Astra G - Front Wiper Motor

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    Astra G - Front Wiper Motor

    Hello.. this is a follow on from an old thread... I'd be grateful if anyone could comment if they've had to do this repair.

    I run a 2000 X plate Astra G. About September time, just before the weather turned, my wiper motor started playing up; the wipers wouldn't park, and the wash wipe only did the upward stroke, and would not return to the bottom of the screen, and v.v, when I put it on intermittent, it would do 2 1/2 strokes, not 3.The linkage was shot, and also I thought my wiper motor was shot, so I went to the trusty local 'salvage' yard (we can't say scrapy now as their recyclers not scrapers anymore!!) and took a motor off a 52 plate vehicle.

    I took it home, and fitted the new motor, and it has the same fault. I thought it could be a relay, or switch, but was informed by the local Vauxhall chappie that it is the motor, and that I've just been unlucky, and bought another with the same fault. As with most electrical items, I am told that its 'sold as seen' so my 20 notes has long gone..

    Reading a few lines on here, I was told that it is in fact; one of the contacts in the wiper motor has snapped, and that it is a common fault.

    Being the inquisitive so and so I am, I drilled the rivets out on the end of the motor to get to the pick ups, and low and behold, there are 2 with tips, and a third, which looks like a blade... now me being me, I thought that the third contact had broken, but I am not 100%.... should all three contacts look the same?

    Has anyone had this problem? did anyone replace a broken contact... I'd like to say that it would be easier to fit either a recon motor or a new one, but Andrew Page quoted me £ 85 for a recon, and the local Vauxhall chappie wants £ 125!!!!

    I'm handy with a soldering iron, and I've got a bit of copper strip I could fashion a third pick up from...

    Any comments would be appreciated...

    Thank you

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    Been done before, but as you say, sometimes it's easier to fit a recon/pattern part one.
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