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Thread: Fitting a 'new' engine - what to do list???

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    Fitting a 'new' engine - what to do list???

    As my Z16xe (2002 - 90k) carries on with its cannibalism and continues to eat away at itself I face a decision. Either fix it or replace it!

    I can get a replacement with 42k miles on for £350, so, with this in mind, I reckon its better and easier to just swap them over. Is it a pretty much straight forward job??

    But what would you do first to the 'new' engine while you've got it on the ground - so to speak.
    Cambelt, waterpump, clutch??

    Anything else...??
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    Cambelt, water pump, tensioners.

    Clutch I'd say isn't dead necessary providing oil and foreign fluids haven't got to it.
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