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Thread: brake light bulbs!!

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    brake light bulbs!!

    does anyone else have the problem of their brake lights blowing?
    my rear passenger side one is alllllways blowing!
    starting to think something is wrong? any ideas guys and gals!

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    Firstly I'm going to assume that the other 2 lights are working as they're all wired together.

    Check the metal contact and clean any crud off it, there will usually be a hard white substance on it.

    Check the seal on the lights, and ensure that they are sealing correctly as any dampness will be causing issues.

    Check the bulbs are correct...sounds obvious but the amount of times people put the wrong bulb in is quite funny.

    Check the plug connector at the back of the bulb holder, ensure there is no damage to it. Check the wires on it also (both sides).

    You may need to replace the bulb holder as these can corrode over time.

    Failing that, it's time to take it to an auto sparky and have the system checked. Although if it's only one brake light blowing, it would indicate a fault with that one side rather than the whole system. Which would make me think it was the bulb holder.

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